Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Grind

Loud Ringing, startles me awake. Terminator is next to me, his arm loosely around my waist. I realize the ringing is coming from my phone on the night table on my side of the bed. I reach over and grab it

“Hello.” My voice is a groggy croak.

“You’re still asleep? My ex-husband. Father of my son.

“What is it?” I ask, trying to sit up.

“Do you know what time it is? he demands, all judgy. He wants to over details of bringing our son home the next day, and we settle things and hang up.

I look out the window. Sunrise? Sunset? Who knew? I’m on Planet Cock where there’s only one kind of time. Fuck Standard Time. Don’t pester me with stupid earthly concepts.

So thirsty. My throat feels like sandpaper. I reach for the bottle of water on the table and chug down almost half of the large bottle. Seduction requires wine; sex requires water.

I turn to look at Terminator and he’s lying there watching me like a tiger about to pounce. The look in his eye is unmistakable.

“Oh my GOD,” I whisper. “Seriously?

“I can’t get enough of your sweet pussy,” he smiles. “I love the way she grabs and squeezes, no matter how hard I pound her.” He slides on top of me and in between my legs, and pops a nipple in his mouth. The head of his gorgeous cock is pressed against my pussy, like barbarians at the gate, waiting to invade and ravage.

“I think you destroyed my pussy,” I say. I feel her responding to his soft sucking and biting of my nipples. She’s waking up, twitching, getting hungry again. The slut. “I don’t think I can --” He bites and pulls my nipple hard, sending a flood of heat and desire all through me. No matter how tired, distracted or angry I am, my nipples get my body, my pussy humming. They’re like the ignition in a car.

“Mmmmmmmm.” I moan. He does it again, sucking and pulling on both my nipples until I’m rubbing my pussy against him, making him twitch and moan. I feel him get stiffer and harder against me.

He kisses his way up to my neck, sucking me and biting me there, and then back down to my nipples, biting and tugging until I’m slick and humping against his cock, trying to get him inside me. My knees are at his waist, I’m humping him like a horny dog, but still he won’t slide into me. His hard, slick cock feels glorious against me, and my clit is starting to come out and investigate.

“Give it to me, fuck me please,” I whisper I need his cock inside me.
“I thought you were done,” he teases. “I don't want to hurt you,” he says, pressing against my slit hard. Bastard. I could feel him shaking with the strain of keeping out of my pussy.

I spread my knees high and wide, and pushed my clit and slit against him hard.

“Baby fuck me, please.”

“You horny bitch,” he whispered. SLAM. I screamed at the impact. Oh yes.
He started pounding me immediately, taking my breath away with the force of his stroke. He was going so deep my pussy was seizing around him, grabbing him up to his balls. Give it to me, kill me, destroy me. He pounded the air out of my lungs. My pussy was loving every inch, every stroke.

“I’m not your baby,” he breathed. Slam-slam-slam-slam, oh god, yes.
“I’m your Master,” he hisses, his balls slamming against me. god yes, yes yes
“Do you hear me, pussy?” He grabs my legs and hold them up on either side, thighs up, putting my pussy front and center, easier to pound with a vengeance.

“Yes,” dontstopdontstopdontstop

“Say it.” slamslamslamslamslam I love the way his balls hit me
“You’re my Master.” I pant. I can barely breathe he’s fucking me so hard.
“Don’t forget it,” he says.

The sight of his massive cock pounding my swollen pussy makes me start ejaculating,gushing fluid.
I feel a twitch deep inside my pussy right before I ejaculate. There’s a spot he’s hitting that stimulates the fluid. It feels delicious, so deep inside, and I push back harder against his thrusts. chasing that stroke, that twitch that starts deep in side and clenches his cock and explodes in fluid.

Oh yes, I push harder -- I think I hear him growling - his hand is around my neck, but I don’t care, his cock is hitting the spot, YES, and I grab his ass to keep his cock all the way inside me and I thrust and pump and griiiiind and against his massive cock stroking that spot deep inside my hot pussy.


I know I’m gushing and gushing and I pump and pump and pump until I come and come and come in fantastic waves of release. I feel him convulsing inside me, growling like a bear, his cock twitching hard, and he pumps deep his hand on my throat, until he collapses on top of me.

We lie tangled and panting, wet and spent. After a few minutes we look at each other and break out laughing.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

No Mercy: Punisher

After releasing me from the restraints and blindfold Terminator bathed me, fed me and watered me. Then he put me to bed collared and chained, like a good sub.

I wake from the post-coital coma with Terminator is spooning me.
I take inventory. My ass is sore from the spankings and the bites -- there will be bruises. The cardinal rule of hookups is leave no trace. He's leaving marks to punish me, but I don't really care at this point. As long as he doesn't draw blood he can punish me however he likes as long as he doesn't hurt me. As long as it's play it's okay.

My shoulders and wrists are sore from the restraints, my stomach and abdomen are sore from the chair and from coming so hard. My pussy is very happy and seems to have been pounded into submission. For the moment. I doze off again with a smile on my face.

It's dark when I wake with a gasp. Terminator is licking and kissing me. His tongue and lips are tracing a fiery line from the back of my waist down to the base of my spine -- that spot right above my ass crack. His tongue is dancing there when I wake. He licks and nibbles that indentation until my body is buzzing with arousal.

He nibbles his way up my spine to my waist and plays there for a while and licks his way back down. Sooooo hot. He does this until my pussy and my ass are on fire. He's turned me from my side to my stomach, continuing the teasing with his tongue until I'm moaning, slick with arousal and humping the bed. Finally slips his hand between my thighs and teases my pussy with two fingers, and bites down on a mouthful of my ass. I squeal in shock.

He pushes deep into me with now three fingers, in deep, and I push against his hand, loving it, wanting his stroke, yes and the pain from his bite hurts but it makes my pussy flutter inside. I'm  in heaven, riding his hand, closing my legs tight for friction, playing with my clit, all dreamy creamy, when he suddenly stops and pulls his fingers out.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Merciless III

The feel of his breath on my swollen clit made my knees buckle. My arms and upper body yanked against the restraints, causing them to dig into my skin. I yelped in pain before I straightened my legs. The pain cut through the haze of arousal I was in. Had he said something?

His grip on my thigh felt like steel and his breath on my cunt like fire. I trembled. I wanted his cock. His mouth to do me, to finish destroying me. I groaned in frustration.

"Answer me," he said softly. His voice was low, caressing, teasing.

"Fuck me, " I begged. "Give it to me, please."

photo: wide world fetishHis tongue teased around my swollen clit again and I push against his mouth so violently that the chair slide back a little. I'm trembling, sweating, dying for his cock. He's keeping me on that brink, torturing me for his own amusement. Whenever my clit slides back under its hood, he teases her back out, ignoring my moans and cries for release.  Over and over, he teases her out and stops, making me howl in frustration. My stomach muscles are straining against the chair and my legs are immobilized by the spreader.

Then I hear him walk away. My pussy is throbbing, and I'm so ready it hurts. He returns in a few seconds and buries his fingers in my hot pussy, while licking my clit. I gasp in surprise and pleasure, and push my pussy into him chasing that stroke, that butterfly tongue. More, harder deeper, and he, making me crazy, but not letting me come until it pleased him. And it didn't please him. He stopped every time I started to come, and the last time, I started to come just from the soft wet slide of his fingers back into me -- he bit my ass so hard I screamed -- and stopped coming.

"Please, Master," I begged, "Please let me come,"
WHACK on my ass. I yelped in pain (that sting though)

"You don't speak unless spoken to," he says. WHACK with his hand. My eyes tear up from the pain. Do it again, I thought to myself.


"Why are you talking, you little slut?" WHACK

'You don't talk" WHACK

"You don't ask" WHACK

"You don't do anything" WHACK

"but take it." WHACK

And he shoves his cock into me so hard I scream.

He stops. why doesn't he...oh my god. I contract around his delicious tool, my pussy has been waiting so long, I start coming immediately and he's not even pumping me. His cock twitches inside me, and he holds my ass tight and moans softly as I release wave after wave of orgasm, pushing, gushing onto the floor, writhing, around and pushing on his cock. He stays in deep but doesn't thrust. He hangs onto me with an iron grip while I'm in the throes of bliss, and hard as a rock.

He starts pumping me as the last waves of orgasm are dissipating. Slowly at first, and I feel every ridge and bump of his gorgeous cock stroking me. mmmmm YES, it feels SO amazing to have his cock finally stroke me I almost weep with joy.

"Is this what you want?" Hitting it hard. Shoving it in deep. My clit. ohgodohgodohgod.

"Yes, yes." I'm moaning. His cock feels thicker, harder. glorious. Destroy me, I think to myself.

"Like this?" Faster, and faster, until he's like a machine slamming into me, hurting me, punishing me, claiming me, marking me.

I'm wailing, my legs are straining against him and the restraints, the chair is digging into my stomach, my arms are straining against the ties, but all I want is that cock, and that pain, that pleasure, that punishment. My pussy swallows him like a greedy slut and I feel him groan at my powerful contractions, but he doesn't stop slamming into me.

I start to come, wailing he grabs my hair and yanks my head up and slams, me like a wild beast. Until we both explode, howling.

Panting. Sweat. Silence.

"This is what you want to leave."

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Merciless II


After showering and having something to eat, Terminator took me back upstairs and chained me up. He told me to relax, that he would be working downstairs and would be back later "to punish you again."

"You promise?"

He didn't respond but shot me a look that made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, in fear and anticipation. He left and I sat on the bed, wondering what would happen next. My ass hurt from the spanking, and I knew there would be more. I lay back on the pillows and fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Little kisses and soft bites and licks down my back, mmmmmm when I wake up.

"Wake up, pussycat," he says.

"I'm awake," I say, turning toward him. He playfully plants kisses and bites over my stomach and breasts. We laugh and he lays in between my legs with his head on my stomach for a little while.  When he stands up his playfulness has evaporated. His face is serious. Dark. He looks at me for a long moment. Then he holds out his hand. "Come on," he says.

I get up and take his hand, my heart pounding. He walks me to the chair next to the window, a bergere. He turns it to face away from me and bends me over the back of it. He ties my arms to the padded arms of the chair and as he does this I feel his monster erection brush against me.

He walks away and I feel the cold air hit my pussy and ass, and I shiver a little. I'm afraid. I'm excited. The blindfold heightens my other senses. I hear my heartbeat, feel my pulse in my pussy, the pull of my muscles and the cool air are all more intense than they would normally be.

When he returns he cuffs my ankles to a spreader pole. One ankle to each end of the pole, designed to keep my bent form accessible and visible, and also preventing me from responding or resisting to anything he had planned. I feel totally exposed and a little off-balance. I thought of his cock. Oh joy.

I feel his warm fingers stroking my pussy and ass with something slick. I twitch slightly.

"Coconut Oil," he says. Ah. My lube of choice.

"Thank you, Master," I say. That cock. Please.

"Do you know why I'm punishing you?"

"Yes, Master."

"Because you're leaving me." he says. And I can tell from his voice that he means it.

I feel him behind me, but he's not doing anything, just standing there. My whole body is straining with anticipation, with desire, but I can't move. I listen. I wait. I want.

His hand grabs a handful of my ass and squeezes so hard that I yelp. Then I feel his cock, the tip of his cock, stroking the length of my pussy, softly. So softly. I moan.

"You're a horny pussy, aren't you?"

"Yes, Master"

Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke stroke, stroke. Oh god. Strooooke stroke, stroke stroke stroooooke. 

"You want cock, don't you, pussy?"

"Yes, Master. Please."  seriously, fuck me now because I --

Then he presses in, his slick head against my oiled clit, then circles and -- I'm panting, moaning and flexing my knees trying to get more. More pressure, more pleasure, more cock, More.

Then he crouches down and I feel his hot tongue lick the back of my leg from ankle to knee. I gasp in surprise. My clit is throbbing. He kisses and licks the crease at the back of my knee until my leg feels like fire and I'm shaking. Then his tongue continues up the back of my leg to my ass cheek, which he bites so hard that I yelp in pain. He does the same thing to my other leg, and I'm shaking.

Then his lips sink into my sweet wet pussy, kissing and tonguing her with such tenderness that I would sink to my knees if I wasn't bound. I can barely move in response to his sublime attention, and it's killing me. I'm sure that's the point.

I feel his tongue dance deep inside me, making me strain against the restraints, which makes him intensify the pressure until I'm moaning and pushing my pussy against his face, chasing that delight, that stroke, oh yes, and then he slides out of my pussy to my clit, which has come out to play. He licks her softly and swirls his tongue around her and I'm sobbing it's so good, my legs straining, beads of sweat breaking out all over me,

I can feel my clit throbbing and erect, demanding relief, and I'm whimpering, trying to ride his face, his tongue, anything, anything to come, to feed that little beast. My pussy is so ready she's clenching, squeezing a cock that isn't there.

He stops tonguing me when my clit stands up. I can feel his hand on my leg, his thumb pressing in on my glute muscle, his breath on my pussy. He stopped and left me in limbo, incredibly aroused, shaking with it, panting for it, dripping for it and totally under his control.

"Pussy, what do you want?"

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Every time I breathed, the chains rubbed against my clit and my ass, arousing me, torturing me. When the dildo starts pulsing inside of me, I gasp in surprise, and start tense up. I'm lying in the fetal position with my hands cuffed behind me, and Terminator senses my fear. Of the intensity. He's lying next to me, facing me and he leans in. "Let go," he whispers in my ear. "Give in to it." I lift my face to the sound of his voice and he gives me a deep, hot kiss. He moans, then leans back.

He's stroking my breasts and suddenly pulls and twists my nipple hard enough to make me yelp, and my pussy contracts around the vibrator. My nipples have a direct line to my pussy. I loose myself in the divine sensation, writhing on the pulsating cock as he squeezes and pulls my nipple, making me moan with with with pleasure. The chains are stroking me with every move I make, giving me a delicious arousal. I writhed on the bed, drowning in all the sensation.

Terminator turns up the throb on the vibrator and its sooo good,  I'm moaning and whimpering and humping the fuck out of vibrator. Terminator is still tormenting both my nipples now, enjoying the effect it has on me. This is one thing he hadn't discovered. He is so pussy-centric. He, plays with me, increasing and decreasing the pressure, sucking and biting them until I'm a moaning squirming writhing mess, coming and squirting all over the bed.

With each tug and twist of my nipples, my pussy convulses, and I'm having wave upon wave of orgasmic bliss, because the chains continue to stroke my clit and my ass. I'm sobbing and screaming, coming non-stop, and then he leans in and slides a finger up my ass. I start convulsing, and coming so hard I'm afraid my pussy is going to pop out. He removes his finger, kisses me again until I start calming down.  He stroking my stomach and feels my pussy still in spasms, so he opens my legs places his palm on my pussy, covering the dildo, and presses hard into my wet softness. This will calm her down. I don't know how he knows this, but he does.

I feel him leaning over me, and feel his breath on my cheek. "You're so beautiful when you come," he says. "A total animal." He licks my neck and his teeth suck me hard. He quietly unchains the dildo and slides it slowly out of me, My thighs, the bed are soaked. He releases me from the handcuffs and removes the blindfold. I squint at him because the light hurts my eyes.

"Hey beautiful," he says.

I can barely speak, but I give him a beatific smile.

"Hello, Master," I purr.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Mercy II

I've never been collared. I've never done any BDSM at all, but I know Terminator is into it and I feel safe enough in his hands to experiment and play with him. If I didn't feel completely safe I wouldn't be there at all.

 I spend a few minutes feeling the black leather collar and how the chain is connected to it. The collar is snug but not tight, and I can't disconnect the chain. When I walked around the perimeter of the bed, the thin, heavy chain dragged on the floor lightly. I could reach the door, but the door was locked. I couldn't remember ever noticing the lock on the bedroom door, but why would I? I only ever entered this room to fuck.

Thankfully the chain was long enough for me to reach the bathroom on the other side of the room. There is a dresser and wall unit opposite the bed, with a flat screen television and bookshelves built in. The wall adjacent the bed was floor to ceiling windows which were draped in opaque curtains.

I paced up and down,wondering what would happen next. How would Terminator exert his dominance? Anything could happen. I sat quietly cross-legged on the bed to listen. Silence.

I was lost in thought and absentmindedly started stroking my pussy. The flush of pleasure made me lie back on the pillows as I stroked, and I closed my eyes recalling the Terminator's invasion of me earlier that morning. I lay there, eyes closed, idly stroking myself, my legs open, knees up so I could stroke the length of my pussy.

I heard the lock turn through a haze of pleasure and the door opened. Terminator stood there holding a tray of food looking at me, knees akimbo, hand in the cookie jar. He was not amused.

"I'm the only one touching that pussy this weekend. Stand up, you horny slut."

I stood up, embarrassed, but what the hell else was I supposed to do? Read? Sex was in every molecule of the air I breathed. I watched him as he crossed the room and placed the tray on the dresser across from the bed. He took something from the drawer and sat down in a grey chair near the window.

"Come here," he said quietly. His face was hard, his voice was serious. I felt a flutter of anxiety as I went to him, the chain rattling behind me. His gaze traveled up my body to my face and I saw the trace of a smile cross his mouth before the hardness returned to his face.

"You can't be trusted."

I was silent, and stared down at my toes.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" He asked sternly.

"I'm very sorry Master, please forgive me." I'm still staring at my toes.

"You don't look sorry to me," he said.

"I am, sir. Really." I had to stop myself from laughing. I didn't look up or I would  have lost it completely.

"I don't think you are. You think this is funny. It's not. You need to learn obedience."

"Yes sir." I couldn't keep the mirth from my voice. I haven't been obedient since the fourth grade.

"Pussy, you need to learn the hard way to do as you're told. You need a spanking. Lie down across my knees."

I looked at him, but didn't move. Just because.

"I told you to lie down across my knees," Tight voice.

I lay across his lap, and he positioned me to his taste. I lay there, feeling the hard muscles of his thighs, aware of my ass in the air in front of him, and trying to brace myself for the first blow.

He held me on his lap and slid two fingers in my pussy. He stroked, her, teased juicy softness and played with her until I was just aroused enough to move in response, and started finger-fucking me transporting to creamy bliss.
"You know about safe words, right?" he asked softly.

"Hm? I was riding his fingers and barely capable of thought.

"Safe words? You know what they are?" he asked softly, fucking me harder with fingers (3 now).

"Umhm. Yeeees." Writhing into his hand.

"Your safe word, if you need me to stop for any reason, is Mercy. OK?"

"Ummhmm" whatever, just don't stop.

"Safe word is Mercy." He said, stopping. "Repeat it."

"Mercy," I whispered.

wanting him to go deeper, and then his hand slid out of me and --

WHACK -- he slapped my ass so hard the air left my lungs.

"You need to remember that I own you while you're here." WHACK WHACK before I can brace myself.

I whimper.

"And that you only do what I give you permission to do." WHACK

I am gasping...there is an intoxicating sting after the pain of each slap that is making me wetter. He hits me in the meatiest, curviest part of my ass cheek, his hand landing at the perfect spot each time, for maximum sting and bounce. Baby, hit me again.

"You're a defiant slut and I won't have it." WHACK really hard. Then that sting, that tingling, sweet torture. My pussy was starting to twitch. So horny, a surprise even to me.

I whimper, and I know I'm wriggling against him. He grabs my hair and yanks my head up and with his other hand he lets loose. WHACK-WHACK-WHACK-WHACK-WHACK-WHACK-WHACK-WHACK

I'm howling, but that tingling sting has me writhing against him through the pain. When he stops and releases my hair, I'm panting hanging over his knee. I try to catch my breath, and I want him to fuck me. My clit is throbbing.

He helps sit up on his lap and he kisses the tears from my face. His hand glides between my legs and his fingers slip into my hot wetness to torture me further. I moan, wanting his fingers to delve deeper, to stroke me harder.

Suddenly he stops. "Get on the bed."

Yay, I think, he's going to fuck me. I lie on my back, the chain dragging behind me.

"Get on your stomach," he says.

I follow his orders in horny anticipation. I feel him kneel between my legs but instead of fucking me he grabs my wrists and handcuffs my hands behind my back. Next, he blindfolds me. Then he places a pillow under my abdomen.

I lie there and I hear him walk to the night table and open it, rifle through and close it. Silence.

His mouth covers my pussy in soft, wet sweet kisses. He goes from back to front, kissing and sucking me reverentially. When his lips reach my clit, he swirls his tongue around my her with relentless focus, until I'm whooping and yelling, bucking my pussy against his face as he sticks his fingers in my velvet pussy and finger-fucks me while he sucks me sending me into a squirting, screaming climax that has me straining  against the cuffs. I lay there afterward, twitching with a smile on my face.

"Good girl," he says and slips a huge dildo into me. "I love to watch you come."
I can hear the smile in his voice. " Let's see how many ways we can make you come."

I hear something that sounds like a chain and I feel the dildo inside me move. Then a chain falls in my ass-crack and goes up my back, then snaps to the back of my collar. Then he turns me on my side and connects another chain from the front of the dildo up to the front of the collar. Juuuust tight enough to graze my clit in the front and stimulate my ass in the back. I lay there, writhing against the dildo in spite of myself, and the chains absolute rubbed against my pussy in the front and my ass in the back.

Then he turned on the remote control.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Daylight is just breaking when my eyes open. I feel disoriented for a minute before I recall that I'm in the Terminator's bed. He is asleep next to me, at my back. I have to pee badly, but I'm afraid to move because I feel his cock poking me in the ass. If I move, he'll wake up and nail me.

I laugh to myself because it's easily been 10 years since I've been in fear of cock. I have to pee or my bladder will burst, so I swiftly get out of bed and walk around it to the bathroom.  I think I hear him move as I enter the bathroom, but he doesn't sound awake. I decide to brush my teeth and move to the double sinks. They are backed with a mirror which is almost half the wall. What I see makes me smile. My hair looks like it's been in a blender, or like someone has been fucking me extreeeemely well. An insane mass of curls and tangles bursting out in all directions flowing past my shoulders. My eyes are sleepy and cat-like and my mouth is curved in the half-smile of someone with a dirty secret. My curves looked lush and juicy and ready for more.  My skin glowed. There is nothing, I repeat nothing, like orgasms for health and beauty.

I finished and tiptoed back across the room to the massive bed. Terminator seems to be in a deep sleep. I slip under the cool sheet, stretch out next to him and curl up with my back to him. I wait a couple of beats, but all I hear is his steady breathing and my own heartbeat. I close my eyes, relax my muscles, and exhale.

Just as I'm drifting off to sleep, his lean muscular frame lands on me, roughly pushing me onto my stomach.

"You thought you were going to get away from me, huh?" he whispers harshly in my ear.

Before I can respond, he spreads my legs violently with his own and shoves his sheathed, lubed, erect cock all the way inside me from behind. I gasp in shock. He ignores this, yanks a fistful of my hair in his hand and starts pounding me hard.

I'm in shock even as my body begins to respond (slut that I am) by tilting my ass up to meet is hard, delicious thrusts. I'm face down my back arched by his grip on my hair and my ass is still greedily trying to tilt up to him. My pussy is twitching around him she's so hot for him, when suddenly he lets go of my hair and grabs my neck and shoves deeper into me, thrusting angrily.

Suddenly he stops, his cock deep inside me and his hand tightens around my neck. He leans in and whispers harshly in my ear.

"Let me explain something to you. This weekend you are in my possession, do you understand?" He loosens his grip on my throat so I can respond.

"Yes," I croak.

"You will do and submit to e everything I ask, without reservation, trusting me to take care of you, do you understand?" Slam-slam-slam.

"Yes," to the delicious cock, and consenting

"You are my diversion and my toy. I will keep you chained up in here all weekend and bring you your meals here. You will leave only to use the bathroom and shower. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Holy shit, I thought.

"You are not to speak unless you are spoken to, you will address me as Master, and you will called pussy, because that is your nature. Do you understand?" Slam-slam-slam-slam

ohgod-ohgod-ohgod-ohgod-ohgod  Don't. Ever. Stop.

"Yes," I whimper.

"Yes what?" he demands, slamming into me with each word.

"Yes Master, I understand." File that under words I'd never thought I'd say.

Then he fucked me and fucked me so hard I start wailing like a banshee, and when I start squirting all over the both of us he goes in to a total frenzy, and I thought he would kill us both. I come in convulsions of pleasure and pain, and he looses all control and then collapses on top of me, his hand still around my throat.

Hours later I wake up to find myself wearing a collar and chain. The chain is strong and long enough for me to walk around the bed, but no further. The chain goes to a spot on the wall under the headboard and I can't reach it or see how it's hooked up, but it's secure enough to not budge when I yank it.